Traveling to Seattle!

Traveling to Seattle!

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Daily Vlog: Traveling to Seattle!
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In this vlog Monica & I go from LA to Seattle! This is more of a travel vlog because most of it is at the airport/on the plane. We’ll be in Seattle for a few days and then going to back to LA.

22 thoughts on “Traveling to Seattle!”

  1. awesome video!! I also have a Seattle blog I just posted. I'd mean a lot if you checked it out & left your thoughts! Thanks in advance xx <3

  2. Heeey, just got back from Seattle and wanted to say that your videos helped plan a lot of our trip and we LOVED it so thank you, we have put our video up of our time there on our channel so have look when you can and let us know what you think 🙂

  3. Omg when she swiched to Monica i was like wait what Monica i checked sooo many times if i was on Monica's Chanelhahahahahaha
    Sorry f or bad english

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